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About Us

Emanating from the most beautiful and captivating parts of the sugar cane producing world comes the silhouette of a Tiki Chick. A fun and rum loving free spirit who can be spotted reveling in Zombie’s and Piña Coladas alike. She has inhabited every corner of her new paradise giving it a homey yet equatorial touch suited for the enjoyment of anyone who enters. Someone, you can, and should, get to know through the anecdotes and quotes adorning the pages of a beachwood inspired menu.

Join Pickle Hospitality as we embark on our newest journey, a retro tiki bar bringing all the tropical vibes and fun to the Upper West Side. Grab a seat at the bar for a closer view of our exotic concoctions, a window seat overlooking the dancing flames on the tiki torch adorned patio, or our coveted corner of the jungle lounge for ultimate immersion in our tiki oasis curated through the unique lush decor seen throughout.

The cocktails are broken into three categories:

Tiki Classics Our interpretation of some current favorites. Embracing the bold reverence of Tiki, these cocktails commit to the boozy rum blends and long ingredient lists seen in the old tiki bibles this culture reveres and relies on. Our carefully crafted Mai Tai with cashew orgeat and Singapore Sling highlighting a banana infused Brooklyn made Old Tom gin invoke sip after sip of tropical bliss.

Tiki Originals Highlighting spirits, spices, and fruits which come together in harmony for our favorite mixes of flavors. Our Fish Face balances a refreshing blend of cachaca, guava, coffee, and absinthe while the Rum and Cola’d Old Fashioned is a more boozy blend of Jamaican and Panamanian rums, homemade cola syrup, and tiki bitters.

Frozens Seven of them. Everything from the classic Hurricane full of passion(fruit) and rum, to a unique and refreshing Pickle Painkiller made with our signature hot sour pickle brine paired with rum, coconut, and tropical juices.

Bring a friend, or two or three! We also feature a variety of big boozy bowls meant to share with your favorite libation comrades!

The Pickle Hospitality family has been working meticulously to create a unique yet approachable and fun tiki program. This menu was put together thanks to their dedication, the advice and guidance from those in this industry who I’m grateful to call friends and consider them to be experts in the tiki world, as well as our beloved guests who have been an integral part of the journey, developing and evolving our cocktails through their honest feedback. As we prepare to open our doors, we can’t wait to welcome you in and show you what we’ve been up to!” says Beverage Director Selina Ardan.

To pair with its liquid treats, Tiki Chick offers an island-inspired food menu including a variety of tropical style Tiki fried Chick’n and Spam on sweet buns. Additionally, for brunch, a savory and sweet surprise of breakfast sandwiches served between s’Tiki doughnuts.